Managed WordPress Plans

Enjoy peace of mind with a bundled web maintenance, service and hosting plan.

Managed Micro


per month

1 WordPress Site, UltraFast Cloud Server, 24/7 Security Monitoring, Malware Protection & Scanning, CMS & Plugin Updates, Broken Link Monitoring, Daily and Weekly Backups, CDN, Free SSL


Managed Mega


per month

1 WordPress Site, UltraFast Cloud Server, 24/7 Security Monitoring, Malware Protection & Scanning, CMS & Plugin Updates, Broken Link Monitoring, Daily and Weekly Backups, CDN, Free SSL


Managed Meta


per month

1 WordPress Site, UltraFast Cloud Server, 24/7 Security Monitoring, Malware Protection & Scanning, CMS & Plugin Updates, Broken Link Monitoring, Daily and Weekly Backups, CDN, Free SSL


Shared Web Hosting Vs Managed WordPress

Shared Web Hosting

Managed WordPress

Cloud servers

Experience the power of cloud servers that are at least 4X faster than shared web hosting.

Rapid, priority support

Support tickets are attended to in minutes not hours. Your business up-time is valued.

CMS, theme & plugin updates

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your WordPress site is always up to date and secure.

Free SSL

Get full and automated protection for any domain, website and backend system.

Firewall and 24/7 monitoring

24/7 firewall monitoring further hardens your WordPress security, minimising risk.

Malware & virus scanning

Automated malware & virus scanning provides even further protection from hacks.

Broken link monitoring

Automated scans and repair keeps your website fresh and boosts SEO.

Included monthly website changes

Avoid bill shock and get priority website updates without any extra cost.

Automated backups

Hourly, daily and weekly included. Offsite available only through Managed WordPress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my site actually load faster with Metamode's Managed WordPress?

So our customers say – and we don’t give rewards for flattery, so we’re inclined to believe it’s true!

We’ve put effort into maximum optimization of load parameters from the communication layer to the WordPress core layer. (In plain English: we made sure that everything that contributes to load speed works as well as it possibly can. No compromising.)

Because of that, our customers typically see a significant improvement in page loading speed when they come to Metamode from cheap shared hosting providers.

I can get cheaper web hosting elsewhere, why should I pay more?

When we partnered with Cloudways it was part of a wider reaching decision to provide our clients with the best service we could. Our cloud hosting environment operates out of DigitalOcean and Vultr data centres in Sydney which are insanely fast, secure and well maintained. All hosting comes with an SSL certificate and a Content Distribution Network (CDN) that can reduce page load times by up to 60%. For added security we provide you with 30 days of backups which is great for isolating any issues that occur.

We also give you staging and development environments for safely making major changes and updates before going live. That’s three environments in one! Finally, and quite importantly, we don’t just provide web hosting. We run daily security scans of your site to detect malware and other security issues. We utilise the Cloudways support staff to help with any problems that arise – with 24/7 chat support and some of the fastest response times on the market.  It’s a premium digital service on the fastest architecture we could find. We wanted to provide our clients with the best solution and we believe we’ve found it.

We maintain our own site, why do we need you?

Running updates and installing backup software is a relatively simple process; troubleshooting when an update goes wrong requires expertise. 

We’ve been working with WordPress for a long time and have fixed many sites with all types of issues from plugin and theme compatibility issues to full site hacks and malware. Our Managed WordPress Plans are mostly about prevention strategies and maintaining a healthy website but we also specialise in finding and fixing issues when they arise. 

This experience means that we’re often able to quickly find and rectify any issues and get you back online fast. This saves you the time and stress of trying to fix the issue or getting someone on short notice who doesn’t know your site.

How do monthly site changes work?

Our monthly site change allowance is a monthly quota giving you the ability to request changes to your site. 

This quota is not rolled over month to month and resets at the beginning of each month. 

Once we receive a request from you for the month, we’ll advise of the time it will take to perform the task and whether it will be fully covered by your monthly site change allowance.

If the request estimation will take a longer than the site change allowance or if you’ve already exceeded your quota for the month, we will instead provide you with time and materials quote to perform the change request.

This monthly site change allowance covers a wide range of services including:

  • Adding/editing copy and images
  • Image compression
  • On-page SEO
  • Adding/editing products
  • Adding blog posts
  • Creating Custom Post Types (CPTs)
  • Third party integrations
  • Contact forms and plugin configurations
Do we need to sign a contract?

Our Managed WordPress services are all pre-paid month-to-month plans, with no lock-in contracts. We find that our clients are happy with the service and love the peace of mind that comes from knowing there are experts looking after their websites, leaving them more time to focus on running their business.

Can you guarantee our site won’t get hacked or go down?

There are many factors that can lead to sites going down or being hacked so it is impossible to guarantee your site won’t be affected. However, we are able to take all reasonable efforts to minimise the likelihood of your site being impacted and, with 30 days of daily and hourly backups we can get you back online as quick as possible with the most recent stable version. 

We are experts in WordPress maintenance so we prevent your site being impacted. If it is, you have some of the best support on hand to get things right again, fast!

Do we need to host with you?

Yes. We have worked with many of the largest hosting companies in Australia and many US and Asian based companies as well. There are many factors that can impact the security and performance of your site; being on a large shared hosting environment is one of them.

For optimal security we have our own dedicated hosting environment that enables us to run our own scripts and gives us greater control over the security of your site. We cannot run all of these scripts or ensure your website will meet certain quality standards on cheap shared hosting servers.

Our cloud based hosting is also one of the fastest hosting environments currently available in Australia which is why we’re adamant that the Managed WordPress plans use our hosting infrastructure, to ensure the highest performance and security possible.

When are traffic or SEO reports sent out?

Reports are sent out on the last day of every month.