New brand strategy, guidelines & website for finance startup​


The group of mortgage brokers collectively had a large portfolio of trusted customers, however, through jumping ship and creating a new, ‘unknown’ brand, it would create uncertainties and potential distrust from their existing customer base. This would potentially affect these existing and new business relationships and ultimately their credibility.


We created a brand new identity for BrokerCo, something that was simple, clean and effective and because of its simplicity, it would allow BrokerCo to rapidly go-to-market thus easing the transition for existing customers and rapidly onboard new ones.

The brand and messaging exuded professionalism, confidence and authority which also helped convert both old and new customers. We also designed, built and managed a flexible new lead generating website as well as designed and managed all of their social media assets and accounts.

Visual identity

After extensive competitor research, we identified a color space and developed visual language specifically designed to help BrokerCo stand out from the rest of the market, aid visual recall and develop brand awareness.

The bright green mark, corporate, but lively palette and repeating patterns also evoke BrokerCo’s core culture and values; positivity and authenticity.

The new visual identity is underpinned by a system of easy-to-use guidelines that we developed for BrokerCo’s team, empowering them to confidentially use the brand in their communications to its full effect, without the daily support of an agency.

Website design & development

Our data-backed research combined with a well thought-out visual identity, ensured we took a more holistic approach to create the new website.

We created over 20 pages of content, all with finance industry compliant copywriting that could clearly communicate their service offerings. To support their proposition we also added testimonials and ratings from previous clients.

Using Elementor CMS, we created a content resource environment to host articles, ebooks and much more enabling BrokerCo to build on their content marketing potential.

The Result

Following three months of collaboration, the BrokerCo team has effectively integrated our messaging and visual identity guidelines throughout all touchpoints, encompassing social media, website, and general customer communications. The team has wholeheartedly embraced the new visual identity and language, embracing the playful and expressive design language to the fullest.