Building & scaling a SaaS brand and product for a global audience


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Conversion Increase


Within the last 5 years, the B2B field services software space has become extremely crowded. Whilst Gruntify was hitting some of the right notes with their core users, they needed to capture new markets, grow the user base and outpace the competition with rapid product development which required a major functional change to the core product.

The CEO found this presented its own set of challenges and felt that the brand, website and product UX was vastly underselling the new offering that Gruntify had — so Metamode came on board to help.


Metamode was engaged to not only refresh the identity, website and marketing materials but also lead product design for the entire platform throughout this upgrade phase and into the future. This included building multiple design systems for website, web and mobile apps, auditing and delivering new UX across web and mobile apps which also included extensive interaction, animation, illustration and icon design.

Developing a lasting technology brand

Bootstrapped businesses and fast-growing tech startups in particular, can often outgrow their roots and their initial visual identities quite rapidly. And Gruntify was no exception to this.

Metamode was engaged to perform the necessary discovery and competitor research to educate and drive more thoughtful concept creation, ensuring a more lasting and unique visual identity could be created that would future-proof the company for decades.

Following the discovery phase, we then redesigned and modernised the Gruntify logo, introducing a completely new design language through color, typography and style. The bright blue gradient, ‘location’ elements, concentric circles, and flowing lines within the logomark reinforce Gruntify’s disruptive technologies using ‘Location Data’, ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Workflow Automation’.

Building a SaaS, lead generating website

Along with the logo refresh, we also needed to take a more thoughtful and holistic approach to refreshing the Gruntify website.

We updated the visuals and structure of the home page making it more immersive, and introduced a simplified, feature-based navigation along with unique custom product visuals for the remaining core functionality and feature pages. All messaging and pages were thoughtfully written and designed to maximise session time and sign ups while minimising bounce rate.

Using Elementor CMS, we were able to quickly build and test the responsive design. And with the use of elementor templates and repeatable design elements, we’ve laid the foundations to be able to easily expand on the website into the future.

The Result

Gruntify experienced it all!

They could now proudly represent their brand with a new visual identity which was memorable, unique and loved by their team, partners and customers.

They benefited from a better performing website in terms of page speed with pages loading faster than most direct competitors. They also saw a large increase in organic traffic following the SEO, which resulted in more low cost conversions.

Their platform web and mobile clients also benefited from a more refined Design System and User Experience, resulting in a 89% satisfaction rate across all enterprise clients surveyed.