New brand strategy, visual identity, website and ads for GRC software


Open Declare originally only had a single flagship software solution in the market since 2017. In 2022, Open Declare embarked on the release of a new, separate software solution, entirely separate to their legacy software.

So while the original brand and software had brand awareness which the client did not want to lose, the Open Declare brand could not be re-used for the new software. The solutions were quite different and deserving of their own separate identities.


Metamode performed a full restructure of Open Declare’s brand strategy, refreshing the parent visual identity, and building out the sub-brand identities. We created a brand new website with an optimised user experience for lead generation, using existing domain and server infrastucture for cost-effectiveness. Finally, we designed the creative for digital ad campaigns and performed content marketing to further build the brand awareness before their official solution launch.

The brand strategy and visual identity

Metamode developed a revised brand strategy, setting up Open Declare as the parent brand with 2 new sub-brands incorporated for the software “solutions”. This allowed the parent and sub-brands to be marketed independently and more effectively cross-marketed without confusion.

We performed a refresh of Open Declare’s parent brand design with a revised logo and animation, updated color scheme and identity design. We then designed simple sub-brand logos which would appear as a natural extension to the core identity.

We proposed Inter for the brand font, for its clean lines, versatility and simplicty. We also included fingerprint brand elements to introduce some further symbolism, highlighting the brand’s association with ‘evidence’, and a user’s ‘digital footprint’.

UX Audit & Research

A key component of our work for Open Declare was applying our thorough UX audit and research process. With so much attention on their product, the brand had never before had the chance to apply the same TLC to their website’s user experience and digital marketing.

We reviewed analytical data, defined user personas, enhanced navigation and developed user flows to boost performance for every page of their site.

Website and digital marketing

Due to the brand restructuring we felt it would be best to build a new website, taking a more holisitic view of how new visitors might engage with the brand and its new suite of software products. We were also mindful of how they intended to use the site to drive content marketing and other lead generation strategies.

Our development team integrated the website into a custom-built WordPress CMS + Elementor environment, providing Open Declare with a fast, simple and user-friendly solution to internally drive their content marketing or outsource to Metamode’s own team of marketing experts.

Metamode was also engaged to run digital ads to build brand awareness and gather further data on Open Declare’s target markets.

The Result

After the recent months of collaboration, we have successfully guided Open Declare through their next growth phase with a new brand strategy and design, and a new website experience to delivery consistency and focus.

The new strategy, visual identities, website experience, and design system will allow Open Declare to target a more diverse market with more confidence. Now they have an identity that is bold, has more authority and exudes “Openness”.